2021 Concerts & Events

We regret that during the continuing pandemic all concert plans have been temporarily put on hold

Please Note: While concert dates should remain firmly in place, concert start times may vary a little between now and your chosen date; so please check the website before leaving home.

Concerts for Charities and other collaborations

HRS provides concerts for a wide range of organisations and particularly welcomes opportunities to perform fundraisers for charities. The management is always ready to consider dynamic collaborations which involve musical and financial partnerships with other organisations such as choirs or drama groups.

Your own Concert

HRS will perform a concert by request in your venue of choice. There is a basic fee to cover essential expenses involved in the preparation and production of your concert programme, but this fee will be easily raised, and more, by the production of a good audience. Contact chairman and concert manager Penny Smith by e-mail or phone 01329 834297 to discuss your requirements.

updated 30/3/21