Recruiting New Players

In an ideal world, HRS would consist of 36 players:
1 sopranino
3 descants
8 trebles
8 tenors
8 basses
4 great basses
4 contrabasses

For many and various reasons, no section of an orchestra can be forever up to strength, so there are moments when replenishment is necessary.

The minimum standard required to belong to HRS is about Grade 6. If you wish to play a descant line, you need to be at Grade 8 standard at the very least and very confident as all your lines will be solo. Good treble, tenor and bass line players who work in supportive groups of four to a part need not be such high fliers, although many of HRS’s lower line instruments are played by fine experienced players.

Right at the bottom of the orchestra, providing the solid base on which all the high fliers depend, the Great Basses and Contrabasses do not often have wild lines to play but have to be dependable music readers who can not only keep a steady pulse, and on occasion count many bars’ rest, but still be alert enough to come in on time. Those who play the great and contra lines are supremely conscious of the importance of their essential steady playing to all the other players. Without them, it’s a band with no bottom!

HRS holds weekly rehearsals on Wednesday evenings during term-time and also monthly on Saturday mornings. You can get an idea of the range of music that we play from our CDs and by coming to one of our concerts.

If the idea of playing in HRS sounds attractive, you think you would be up to standard and would like to have a go, contact us via email or telephone Christopher Burgess on 01489 891873.